Real estate #1880

Real estate #1880


  • Date: 01.11.2016.
  • Location: Budva
  • Quadrature: 7190m2
  • Code: 1880
  • Type: Plot


In the Komosevina, above the Old Town, on sale plot area of ​​10 170 m². The plot is a panoramic view of the Budva its Riviera, the beach and the Old Town. On the plot are all city infrastructure networks. According to the plan  the construction of elite residential and of tourist facilities. The concept of the tourist complex:

• one of the designs is a tourist complex, which includes a main building on the parcel No. 8 and private buildings onurban land  4, 5 and 6, who can represent its main object or part

• possible future development (expansion) project through subsequent acquisition neighbor plots with total area

7000 m2 (urban land - UP 16) on the basis of identical urban indicators

Urban land UP 8: 6 018 m2                                                                 The coefficient of occupancy: 0.3

The maximum number of floors: 5 floors (2S + P + 2)                    The coefficient of a lot: 0.8

Area under the buildings: 1 805 m²                                                    Buildings by DUP: 6 644 m²

The total building area of ​​up to 8 500 m²


And urban plots

UP No. 4, 5 and 6 total area of ​​3 050 sq.m.

The coefficient of occupancy 0.25                                                             Coefficient of a lot: 0.6

The maximum number of floors: 3 floors (S + P + 2)                              Area under the buildings: 763 m²

Surface facilities at DUP: 1 830 m²                                                            Total building area up to 2 593 m²



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