Set of services that we offer, allow our customers convenience and care free about basic needs relating to the property in Montenegro and care of whole building.

Basic services for building include:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of entraces, green yards and repairing of smaller defects
  • Providing other services that are specificated for building
  • Providing cooperation for instaling and maintenance of intercom, video surveillance, elevator etc
  • Administration help related to the assembly of tenants
  • The conclusion of contract will be done only with authorized representative

Basic services include:

  • Regular visits to the apartment/house to oversee and verify the condition of the unit, to ventilate and check installations.
  • Organizing the cleaning of the apartment/house.
  • Paying the monthly bills that are submitted to the clients address
  • Regular notification of any changes or obligations related to the property
  • Preparing for the announced visit.

For our customers we also offer all types of construction works, designe and interior services ,  that we are worknig in cooperation with "Monolith" D.O.O. Budva